March 13, 2011

Mom and I…

we bought a serger.

DSC02394 copy.jpg

And not just a serger – but a machine that combines a full-featured overlocker with a coverstitch machine. We bought Janome 1200D.

“The 1200D provides all the tools you need to create great ready-to-wear garments. It is three machines in one: an Overlock, Cover Hem, and Top Cover Hem. It is versatile, incorporating many flatlock, blanket and overlock stitches, as well as the chain and coverstitch. You won’t need to change the needle plate or foot for a rolled hem, and the upper looper system is easily converted for a cover hem or top cover hem. The 1200D automatically selects the tension settings for each stitch so you can sew with comfort and confidence. You’ll also find 28 optional feet and attachments. With all this, you are only limited by your imagination.” (

Quite a monster, isn’t it? 😀 Though the threading process turned out to be a lot easier than I expected it to be. So far we’ve only tried Safety 4-Thread Stitch and Stretch Knit Stitch, and we haven’t tried its coverstiches, but I’m sure that switching it to coverstich machine mode also isn’t as scary as it seems. We hope it’ll be useful and helpful machine, and that we’ll make a lot of great garments with its help.

Let the games begin! 😀

DSC02398 copy.jpg
DSC02396 copy.jpg

DSC02409 copy.jpg

DSC02414 copy.jpg

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It was my goal for yesterday to take pictures of the things I’ve knitted in the last two weeks) I already told you about the great open shade light we have in the mornings, and I planned to get up early to use the best of it, but – of course – I overslept and got to taking pictures only at 2pm. At this time of the day the light is softer and more dissolved than in the early mornings, but somehow I managed to take pictures of my scarves while it still was sort of direct and bright)

So, here is my first successful knitting project – the Cables and Eyelets Cowl! I’ve never worn cowls before, but it turned out to be quite comfortable accessory)) My knitting tension is still quite uneven though, so everything I knit isn’t that perfect as it may seem))) Anyway, here are some pictures (well, maybe more than some 😀 ):

DSC02031 copy.jpg
DSC02020 copy.jpg
DSC02015 copy.jpg

After I finished my cowl, I made a hat and a cowl for mom. I used Cable Hat pattern by Bernat Design Studio. The cowl was made using the same pattern, I’ve only adjusted it slightly to obtain the size that I needed. It turned out to be veeery comfortable! Being compared to mine, this one is a bit tighter: mine is 132 stitches and mom’s is 120 stitches, but I increased it in the middle to 144 stitches so it would lay nice at the shoulders; and the crossed cables don’t allow it to stretch much. So, here it is:

DSC02081 copy.jpg
DSC02056 copy.jpg
And now, the bonus 😀 – I also took pictures of my corset top yesterday! I haven’t put it on since early December, and it seemed to me yesterday that I might have lost some weight since (cause the top wasn’t as tight as it used to be), what is really weird – my pants haven’t got any looser 😀 So, here is my perfect corset top! Made of striped denim fabric, boned and tailored to fit me perfectly))

DSC02110-2 copy.jpg
After I was finished, I let Andrew to take some self-portraits) He even let me to dress him up a bit for it) I’ll post it separately) Stay tuned))

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Hello to everyone who still haven’t forgotten my blog exists) I haven’t either, by the way) And I even have some pictures to show you) And Andrew has a couple too – he liked the idea of shooting himself using a tripod and a remote control:

DSC01819 copy.jpg

Isn’t the light from my window incredible? With all that snow and cloudy sky it’s perfectly white)

So, as I said before, last fall I got addicted to handmade. Well, the more I made, the more I wanted to make)) In the beginning it was only sewing, because it was something I learned to do a veeery long time ago, and as the time went by, I’ve been sewing some little things now and then. You might remember that in August I made a new lining for my favorite bag, well, after that I made some pouches, simple scarves, repurposed some of Andrew’s old t-shirts – some little projects that required the smallest amount of sewing skills.

It got worse when I decided to sew a corset top. I found the similar pattern in Burda magazine, and took it as a base for the pattern of my top. It took some quality time, but I’ve finished it eventually, and of course I’m in love with it) I think it’s mostly because of the fact that even being made by me, it still looks accurate and nice)) I haven’t taken any HQ pictures of it though, so I guess you just have to believe me)

Anyway, it was the moment when I felt that I really can sew something good and nice. And then sweet dreams about tons of gorgeous dresses and skirts and pants and tops and corsets rushed over my head 😀 Of course, I haven’t sewed any of it yet, but I’ve already bought 13 meters of tulle to make the Carrie-Bradshaw-dress-of-my-dreams, and now all I need is to put myself together and start to work with it. It’s really the hardest part because working with so much tulle just scares me 😀

But still, I made a bunch of pretty things in the last 3 month) For Natalie’s birthday I made her little pouches for her iPods and iPhone. The smallest one was for the Shuffle 4G. Though I knew the dimensions of the device and made a pouch at least 2 cm wider , it was so tiny I was afraid the iPod won’t fit in – I didn’t realize how small this new Shuffle really was until I saw it, and this cute tiny pouch does fit it perfectly 🙂 Btw, I’d painted the fabric myself, and than drew the ornament on it using a fabric marker (and I got the idea when I saw this tutorial on How About Orange ).

IMG_0175 copy.jpg

DSC01324 copy.jpg

When the iPod pouches were already all done and wrapped, I was doing my daily browsing through One Pretty Thing, and I found a very simple tutorial on making a quite useful and pretty thing – knitting needle roll – by Made by Loulabelle. As some of you may know, Natalie is a knitter, so I immediately knew I just have to make this for her – I knew that she probably had kept her knitting needled just lying around in some box unorganized, and I only needed a few hours to put this roll together. I even was lucky to find an amazing fabric of three colors I wanted – orange, chocolate and light beige – that perfectly matched an orange fabric from my stash))) I also made a little matching tote to keep a work-in-progress projects in it) (you can find a simple tutorial on making a little useful tote on Make It and Love It 🙂 )

So, here is the knitting needle roll (sorry for the LQ picture of the tote):

DSC01359 copy.jpg

Later I made the same one for my Grandma (who is a lifetime knitter) for the New Year. And the rest of NY presents for my friends were plaid PJs for Natalie (of which she’s been dreaming for a while) and cute apron for her sister Irene (which was inspired by gorgeous Cupcake Aprons by Jamie Christina) with matching placemats, coasters and a chef hat). Shame on me, I still haven’t took any pictures of it. Hope I’ll show it sometime later)

Natalie also made me a handmade present – she knitted me a hat! I love it) Here it is:

DSC01597 copy.jpg

A few days later I saw in my rss something about crocheting – and I was crocheting a lot when I was about 10 years old (though I never was patient enough to knit) – which made me go find a hook, a yarn leftover and crochet a simple flower. I just wanted to remember how it’s done I guess. I found a pattern for that flower on Ravelry – the ultimate website and community for knitters and crocheters: if you are one, you should definitely sign up! And then I thought – maybe I can crochet something more than a flower? I started searching for the crochet patterns on Ravelry, and guess what – you can crochet everything you want 🙂 I dig into our very very old yarn stash and found one skein of raspberry colored wool yarn, found a pattern of a beret, and it took me about three hours to crochet it. The yarn and its color are amazing, though I’m not sure that I like the style of the beret… maybe I’ll change it to something else someday.

DSC01578 copy.jpg

A couple of days later I decided that I should definitely try knitting as well – and here I am! I’ve already bought a bunch of knitting needles, some yarn, and the first thing I made was summer hat that is crocheted, but has knitted rib. I’m sure I knitted the rib longer than I crocheted the hat 😀

DSC01799 copy.jpg

While a was taking pictures of it yesterday I couldn’t resist from taking a couple with Alison (though she wasn’t really into it). And finally the color of her fur looks right on picture)))

DSC01824 copy.jpg

Of course, I needed something to keep my knitting needles and hooks in, so I sewed a case for it. It was inspired by the absolutely gorgeous ones by Atelier de Soyun. I love the result)) Here it is:

DSC01859-2 copy.jpg
I guess I can say I’m really into handmade now) I hope I will make everything that I’ve planned to make so far, though I don’t know how I’m gonna find so much free time to do it 😀 Guess I will finally have to organize my life)))

September 15, 2010

For the past two weeks or so here in St Petersburg we have our usual pretty cold late summer/fall weather. And let me tell you, after two months of a really hot summer it’s definitely not nice having to put on warm jacket and rain boots (well, not exactly the rain boots cause I usually wear my dr martens boots when it’s raining, and actually, I always do enjoy wearing it 🙂 ).

But the cold weather has its good side: I get a chance to wear my favorite mitts knitted for me by my Natalie , and I finally got a good reason to make myself a knit scarf that I’ve seen at Make It and Love It blog couple of weeks ago 🙂 It’s pretty easy to make (following this detailed tutorial), and can keep you warm and good looking 😉 I’ve decided to make it from magenta knit I found in a nearby fabric store. Its color perfectly matches the color of my bag and is very bright and fun 🙂

Of course, I made at least two big mistakes in the process cause as usual I hadn’t paid the required amount of attention to the tutorial 🙂 But 3 or 4 seam rips, another 28 knit stripes and 58 knots (to finish the seams) later, it was finally done!

The knit headband was inspires by very talented artist Alisa Burke, whose blog is one of my favorites 🙂 You should definitely go check out all the fabulous things she makes and writes about) I made rolled flowers from those 28 knit stripes that I had left over after making the scarf, and making it was very irritating process cause I haven’t find the right kind of fabric glue and hand stitched the flowers as I rolled it. But the result is still good I think)

So here are my scarf and headband:


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August 13, 2010

Недавно… хм… несколько месяцев назад подкладка моей любимой розовой сумки не выдержала веса фотоаппаратов и буквально рассыпалась в прах) На днях, начитавшись умных рукодельнических блогов, я наконец-то сшила для сумки новую подкладку)

Я не буду писать о том, как я все это кроила, вырезала и гладила, и сколько часов я пришивала свои че-тыр-над-цать карманов (чтобы все-все было на своих местах) )))) Но я думаю, что эта подкладка-моей-мечты запросто переживет розовую сумку на несколько лет))))


из обрезков тут же были сделаны украшения))

вот так выглядела почти сшитая подкладка в развернутом виде)

а вот что получилось)) ураааа!!!

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