It’s an amazing thing, how reading or, in my case, listening to a book, can urge your mind on forming coherent thoughts. Maybe it’s a matter of a book itself, of its ability to catch you right away, make you stay up late at night and listen, catching every word, worrying about the characters, that you begin to love from the very first page. Maybe it’s just a matter of a huge amount of beautifully arranged words and phrases, that always manage to find a place in the back of your mind, safely preserved there for later.

The book that kept me awake last night was Hunger games. Almost always I read the books that was already read and ‘approved’ by Natalie, and Hunger games was no exception. Although I put it on hold for quite a while, before I finally knew that my mind was peaceful enough to accept a new reality, created by Suzanne Collins. And I have to say, this reality is brilliant. I’m only (well, almost) through the first book of a trilogy, but I’m in love with it already. It was so nice to finally dive into the world that does not spin around vampires! I think I didn’t even notice that I was getting tired of them until I had a taste of something different. It has also done well for my nerves and, of course, my knitting: I finished one hat last night, and I’ve already moved on to another. It’s only no good for one thing – my diploma – that seems to remain on hold forever.

Last month wasn’t exactly the happiest, with Andrew having one cold right after another, endless doctor appointments, enormous amounts of money left in drugstores. Andrew’s well now, but he’s still at home, cause I’m afraid he’ll catch some other children’s disease the minute he enters the kindergarten. Not exactly the educational environment, especially for such a lazy procrastinator like me, especially when I at last feel tired of being a student and doing researches.

I can’t tell what exactly got me to finally write a blog post today. Guess I have to blame a sore throat, that keeps me doing nothing useful, along with the brooding mood, that has me captured for quite some time now. I don’t know if I’ll be posting in the future, I hope I will, I really want to, but sometimes it’s really hard to put my thoughts together. I used to blog pictures, and just a small amount of words, usually just commenting on my pictures and what’s in them, but now I don’t have any pictures to hide behind. It’s new and somewhat scary to have words as my only instrument: writing my thoughts down was always a biggest challenge for me.

As for my relationship with photography – there hides one of my biggest fears – the one that from time to time creeps along my back and whispers that I’ll never want to take a single picture again in my life. That even if I want to, I won’t be able to produce something at least as good as I used to a few years ago. I hope desperately that someday, when everything else is well in my life, it will pass.

And just so this post won’t be ‘naked’, I’ll add a couple of old pictures. I’ve talked about the Hunger games, and a part of this book is about nature, so I’ve found pictures of the beautiful Peacock butterflies I’ve spotted in Sestroretsk when we stayed there in August. Those were the most beautiful butterflies I’ve ever seen around here. I hope you enjoy it as a glimpse of summer in the middle of the still wintery weather, that lingers here in Saint Petersburg.

And I hopefully will see you soon. Have a great weekend, everybody!

August 3, 2011

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I have been quite busy for the past few weeks, writing my papers and editing my clients’ pictures, so I completely forgot about editing my own. On the last weekend of spring mom, Andrew and I went to Sestroretsk to take some time off, just walk and do nothing. The weather was nice and warm, the landscape was beautiful, and the kid was happy))

I still have quite a lot of things to do in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll just post some pictures) Have a nice day, everyone!)

DSC07028 copy.jpg

DSC07031 copy.jpg

DSC07033 copy.jpg

DSC07042 copy.jpg



DSC07090 copy.jpg
DSC07113 copy.jpg
DSC07117 copy.jpg
DSC07172 copy.jpg

DSC07246 copy.jpg

DSC07277 copy.jpg

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September 27, 2010

I haven’t posted these pictures of Andrew taken a month ago.

I absolutely love it.







Taken on August, 23 rd at Sestroretsk.


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September 19, 2010

While we were at Sestroretsk two weeks ago, the best sunsets always were on the days when I never had my camera with me while walking. Last Tuesday I finally had my camera with me and there was beautiful sunset – all at the same time! And I also had a plenty of time to shoot all the changes of the sky. You can see the pictures below, all of them are with timestamps and all of them are clickable to view it 3000 px wide 🙂

7:24 PM


7:36 PM


7:38 PM


7:46 PM


7:59 PM


8:02 PM


8:09 PM