July 22, 2015

What was the craziest, most unexpected, most provocative thing you have ever done?
First things that come to mind upon hearing the words “crazy” and “provocative” usually are ultimate hair makeovers or tattoos, but no! I did the crazy hair makeover last summer, and some members of my family are still recovering from the shock, and I haven’t yet reached the point in my life when I would want to get a tattoo.
Moving to another town? Doesn’t work for Russia, where all the fun life basically concentrates only around few big cities, and also is highly unrecommended for families with moody second graders.
Changing job? Well, not for me, not anytime soon, I might guess.
So, what is the next crazy, unexpected and provocative thing you have in mind?..

Think big. Think out of the box. Think all the romantic movies in which the girl and the guy fall in love, decide they cannot live without each other no matter what, and then run off to Vegas – to get married.
Well, the crazy thing – all the romance comes true once you stop expecting it to. You may not know it, but somewhere there is a person who will softly click into that empty space in the puzzle of your life, and will fit there precisely.
The unexpected thing – that person will open your mind to the things you thought would never apply to you.
The provocative thing – the two of you, being the naughty children that you are at heart, will go against all the expectations, hopes and desires of your families, escape all the fuss and buzz of a big fat and quite expensive wedding with an endless guest list, and suddenly dart across the world – literally – to get married. Shortly, that thing you’ll do is called elopement.

Did you know that you can get legally married in another country? Well, yes, in most cases you can. Of course, it will be likely frowned upon by certain representatives of your home country’s bureaucracy, but who cares? In Russia they are permanently frozen in a state of frowning upon you anyway.

So, how exciting can it be to secretly plan an elopement in some remote location with a few hundred years of a unique atmosphere, beautifull nature and architecture, and even some strands of your favorite romance novel woven in between? Very exciting, even for a person who hated the idea of a wedding not so long ago, because seriously, who would resist the idea of getting married in Savannah, in the hot humid air under the Spanish moss?

And just like that, Alex and I made a decision and went to Savannah two days after we stepped from the plane from Saint Petersburg to Atlanta. Did you ever think that you will have only about 48 hours to plan your wedding: buy a dress, choose a location, book an officiant and a photographer? Of course, we’ve done our research, and we had an officiant and a photographer in mind, but we were extremely lucky that both of them were available on the day we chose to be our wedding day.
While I was firstly researching different elopement options in Savannah, I stumbled upon two lovely ladies – Tracy Brisson of Savannah Custom Weddings & Elopements and Megan Jones of It’s Megan Jones Photography, who offered a Savannah Elopement Experience package, which included both ceremony and photography, and the price weren’t over the moon either! We are so grateful to Tracy for writing and performing our ceremony on a very short notice of 48 hours, and to Megan for capturing the moments of our ceremony and our first hour as husband and wife.

It was Monday, 13th of July, but everything fell into place that day. There was no line in Chatham County Probate Court where we got our marriage licence, and the jewellers from Harckleroad Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, who Tracy recommended, helped us choose the rings, resized them in less than three hours and also gave us a huge discount! We were all set, dressed up and ready, and by quater to five pm we arrived to Forsyth Park to be married by Tracy.

We had a simple, traditional ceremony in front of a fountain, it was the middle of an ordinary day and there were a lot of people around, but no one interrupted us. By the time we said our vows, and Tracy pronounced us husband and wife, all of the people around us were cheering and congratulating us, and it was very sweet.
We walked around old Savannah streets and squares after the ceremony and Megan took some pictures that will keep this day with us for the years to come.

I want to share some of the pictures Megan took on the blog alongside some pictures we took ourselves later on the River St. Let these pictures inspire you to think out of the box, break the rules and be free to get married when and where you and your loved one want, regardless of any traditions, obligations or prejudice.
Be the crazy one, do the unexpected and provoke yourself to explore the life in all the ways you can think of!

 Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

(pictures by It’s Megan Jones Photography)
















 Monterey Square, Savannah, GA



E Wayne St, Savannah, GA



Calhoun Square, Savannah, GA



E Wayne St, Savannah, GA


Whitefield Square, Savannah, GA




This picture pretty much summarises the quintessence of our relationship)


Troup Square, Savannah, GA





E Charlton St, Savannah, GA


East River St, Savannah, GA

(pictures by Imnotinventive.com)















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Three weeks ago I was desperate to find something to do that would keep my mind of the things that bothered me. I was browsing through my favorite photography blogs when finally among the beauty of the pictures the beauty of little stylish things at those pictures started to catch my eye. I realized that I really liked beautiful headbands and flowers and clutches and many of other girly things. But the tulle and fabric flowers I liked the most. And I really wanted to wear some myself.

The next day, still not quite sure what I was doing, I searched tutorials for making tulle flowers. I found some, and some of them were of course found at the sewing and crafting blogs. And that was the moment when sewing and making a lot of beautiful things has really caught my eye. I was so amazed by everything these women whose blogs I read have done, that I immidiately felt ashamed for dumping the idea of sewing a new lining for my favorite bag for the several months. Despite the fact that I even had bought a fabric for it. So I put myself together and finally made it – as you probably saw here 🙂

After I got this thing of my mind, I’d decided that I needed to make myself a tulle flower. So I went to the store and bought some tulle, some ribbon and beads, and then it took me two hours and one peony template from Martha Stewart Weddings tutorial to make my first flower! I was very proud of myself so I immidiately put it on))) Here it is, cream coloured and very nice)


After such a successful project I decided not to stop and make some more. The next one I made from handpainted magenta tulle using the garden rose template from the same tutorial. It’s not arranged very well, but it’s still lovely I think)) Here it is:


The same day I started to make two small magenta tulle flowers for Eva. I’ve finished it already and attached it to hair rubber bands, but I haven’t taken the picture of it yet, so here are just the pictures of a one flower and the petals for another (Andrew took these shots for me 🙂 ).



And meanwhile I tried to make another type of flower, the one with burnt edges. Here is the result of my first experiment 🙂 :


The next thing I wanted to make was a clutch. Violet, with a chain and decorated with a flower. Fortunately, I had found fabric paint of the exact violet color that I wanted (it called ‘shimmer plum’), and I’d also found the chain that I wanted and even the nice yellow fabric for the lining, so I made a pattern and then put everything together in one day. Yes, I was that excited 🙂 It’s not quite accurate in some places because I’m not that good at sewing and because I’ve been in a hurry to see it done 😀 But anyway I think it’s pretty) To decorate it I made tulle flower with burnt edges. I used the same paint to color the tulle so the color would match the color of the clutch. I liked the result and so the next day I made the matching violet headband.

My mom and I made a little photoshoot to show the beauty of my ‘violets’)) I have to say it’s not so pleasant to stand for a half of an hour in the 12C degrees and very cold wind coming from the bay wearing only strappy top. I’m glad I’m usually behind the camera and dressed up nice and warm 🙂 And we’ve done this twice to take pictures in the sunlight and in the diffuse daylight! I wonder how I haven’t got a cold afterwards)) Here are some pictures:





That’s all for now) I’m looking forward to make some more headbands and purses, and now the most important thing is not to let the lazy me overwhelm the desire to make something 🙂

Wow, I guess that was my longest blogpost in a lifetime! And the fisrt one that is not crossposted to livejournal. I’m being all by myself here now) Hope it’ll help my posting someway in the future 😉

And now I have a delicious apple crisp with chocolate ice cream and the 4th season of Sex and the City waing for me)))

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July 26, 2010

В бассейне мы проводили пожалуй даже больше времени, чем на море)))

Dionysos Hotels, Side, Turkey

July 2010

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На смотровую площадку около плотины Oymapinar Dam нас привезли перед началом экскурсии и у нас было время сделать несколько фотографий))

Посмотреть панорамные виды в сторону озера и в строну реки Манавгат и немного узнать о плотине можно здесь и здесь 🙂

Green Canyon, Manavgat, Turkey

July 13th, 2010

Очень красивый вид открывается при подъезде к плотине со стороны реки – плотина построена в узкой ращелине между горами, но сфотографировать это мне не удалось, поскольку автобус петляет взад вперед по узкой дорожке-серпантину, которая надо сказать забрала немало нервов у пассажиров автобуса)))

вид со смотровой площадки в сторону реки Манавгат

вид со смотровой площадки в сторону озера Green Canyon

и конечно же, лоток с турецкими сувенирами)))

Далее нас отвезли на пристань, где мы сели на небольшой экскурсионный кораблик, который и возил нас по всем закаулкам озера Green Canyon.

На фото вид с пристани на озеро; к пристани плывут эксурсионные кораблики)

Green Canyon – очень живописное место 🙂 Берег меняется от довольно пологого и поросшего хвойными или лиственными деревьями до отвестных высоких скал, а из воды тут и там торчат сухие стволы деревьев, затопленных после постройки плотины) Сама же вода очень чистая и имеет удивительный изумрудный оттенок, поскольку очень насыщена различными минералами. Именно из-за изумрудной воды озеро и получило название ‘Зеленый каньон’.

Сначала нас повезли к узкой расщелине между скалами

А потом была остановка на купание…

… и рыбалку 🙂

Поскольку глубина у озера довольно большая, я в панике практически не отплывала он понтонных мостков))) а мама и Фруктонишек вдоволь плавали вокрург кораблика)))

вид на озеро с места остановки на купание и рыбалку

После купания нас отвезли на обед, а затем нас повезли по узкому заливу в северной части озера

в конце этого залива, примерно здесь, посередине узкого русла находится крупнейший в Турции источник – Сурал

а отсюда, сразу за источником, начинаются пороги

на этом заканчивается экскурсия по Green Canyon =) она продолжалась на несколько часов больше, чем было обещано, но это было к лучшему, поскольку на озере было ветренно и не чувствовалась жара)

March 2, 2010

Daytona Beach, FL
Атлантический океан

December 30th, 2009

океан в Daytona Beach уже далеко не такой спокойный, как в Miami Beach, а пляж абсолютно плоский, песок лежит очень плотно, и можно прямо на пляж заехать на машине и там и припарковаться)

волны здесь уже довольно ощутимые)

это небольшой молл Ocean Walk Shoppes, он находится чуть дальше по побережью, на N Atlantic Ave (Florida A1A)

здесь же находится Daytona Beach Bandshell and Oceanfront Park Complex

а это Daytona Beach Pier