Today was the warmest day of the year so far, and we went to the amusement park with Natalle and Eva. Kids were happy to get a ride on a couple of attractions, and we ourselves enjoyed the ride on the ferris wheel) Here our some pictures of our day)


DSC02932 copy.jpg DSC03001 copy.jpg






DSC03104 copy.jpg






DSC03107 copy.jpg

Also, I finally got a chance to put on Andrew his new cardigan I’ve knitted a couple of weeks ago) It turned out to look even better than I expected – I’m in love with it)) For this cardigan I used Raglan Cardigan pattern from Lion Brand Yarns (which is very easy to knit) with some slight modifications.

DSC03160 copy.jpg

Natalie and I are planning on taking Andrew to this park again on his birthday (which is on Thursday, April 28th – oh, only three days left!), so please wish us a warm and sunny weather so Andrew could enjoy his b-day and I could take nice pictures))

Have a good week) See you later.

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It was my goal for yesterday to take pictures of the things I’ve knitted in the last two weeks) I already told you about the great open shade light we have in the mornings, and I planned to get up early to use the best of it, but – of course – I overslept and got to taking pictures only at 2pm. At this time of the day the light is softer and more dissolved than in the early mornings, but somehow I managed to take pictures of my scarves while it still was sort of direct and bright)

So, here is my first successful knitting project – the Cables and Eyelets Cowl! I’ve never worn cowls before, but it turned out to be quite comfortable accessory)) My knitting tension is still quite uneven though, so everything I knit isn’t that perfect as it may seem))) Anyway, here are some pictures (well, maybe more than some 😀 ):

DSC02031 copy.jpg
DSC02020 copy.jpg
DSC02015 copy.jpg

After I finished my cowl, I made a hat and a cowl for mom. I used Cable Hat pattern by Bernat Design Studio. The cowl was made using the same pattern, I’ve only adjusted it slightly to obtain the size that I needed. It turned out to be veeery comfortable! Being compared to mine, this one is a bit tighter: mine is 132 stitches and mom’s is 120 stitches, but I increased it in the middle to 144 stitches so it would lay nice at the shoulders; and the crossed cables don’t allow it to stretch much. So, here it is:

DSC02081 copy.jpg
DSC02056 copy.jpg
And now, the bonus 😀 – I also took pictures of my corset top yesterday! I haven’t put it on since early December, and it seemed to me yesterday that I might have lost some weight since (cause the top wasn’t as tight as it used to be), what is really weird – my pants haven’t got any looser 😀 So, here is my perfect corset top! Made of striped denim fabric, boned and tailored to fit me perfectly))

DSC02110-2 copy.jpg
After I was finished, I let Andrew to take some self-portraits) He even let me to dress him up a bit for it) I’ll post it separately) Stay tuned))

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Three weeks ago I was desperate to find something to do that would keep my mind of the things that bothered me. I was browsing through my favorite photography blogs when finally among the beauty of the pictures the beauty of little stylish things at those pictures started to catch my eye. I realized that I really liked beautiful headbands and flowers and clutches and many of other girly things. But the tulle and fabric flowers I liked the most. And I really wanted to wear some myself.

The next day, still not quite sure what I was doing, I searched tutorials for making tulle flowers. I found some, and some of them were of course found at the sewing and crafting blogs. And that was the moment when sewing and making a lot of beautiful things has really caught my eye. I was so amazed by everything these women whose blogs I read have done, that I immidiately felt ashamed for dumping the idea of sewing a new lining for my favorite bag for the several months. Despite the fact that I even had bought a fabric for it. So I put myself together and finally made it – as you probably saw here 🙂

After I got this thing of my mind, I’d decided that I needed to make myself a tulle flower. So I went to the store and bought some tulle, some ribbon and beads, and then it took me two hours and one peony template from Martha Stewart Weddings tutorial to make my first flower! I was very proud of myself so I immidiately put it on))) Here it is, cream coloured and very nice)


After such a successful project I decided not to stop and make some more. The next one I made from handpainted magenta tulle using the garden rose template from the same tutorial. It’s not arranged very well, but it’s still lovely I think)) Here it is:


The same day I started to make two small magenta tulle flowers for Eva. I’ve finished it already and attached it to hair rubber bands, but I haven’t taken the picture of it yet, so here are just the pictures of a one flower and the petals for another (Andrew took these shots for me 🙂 ).



And meanwhile I tried to make another type of flower, the one with burnt edges. Here is the result of my first experiment 🙂 :


The next thing I wanted to make was a clutch. Violet, with a chain and decorated with a flower. Fortunately, I had found fabric paint of the exact violet color that I wanted (it called ‘shimmer plum’), and I’d also found the chain that I wanted and even the nice yellow fabric for the lining, so I made a pattern and then put everything together in one day. Yes, I was that excited 🙂 It’s not quite accurate in some places because I’m not that good at sewing and because I’ve been in a hurry to see it done 😀 But anyway I think it’s pretty) To decorate it I made tulle flower with burnt edges. I used the same paint to color the tulle so the color would match the color of the clutch. I liked the result and so the next day I made the matching violet headband.

My mom and I made a little photoshoot to show the beauty of my ‘violets’)) I have to say it’s not so pleasant to stand for a half of an hour in the 12C degrees and very cold wind coming from the bay wearing only strappy top. I’m glad I’m usually behind the camera and dressed up nice and warm 🙂 And we’ve done this twice to take pictures in the sunlight and in the diffuse daylight! I wonder how I haven’t got a cold afterwards)) Here are some pictures:





That’s all for now) I’m looking forward to make some more headbands and purses, and now the most important thing is not to let the lazy me overwhelm the desire to make something 🙂

Wow, I guess that was my longest blogpost in a lifetime! And the fisrt one that is not crossposted to livejournal. I’m being all by myself here now) Hope it’ll help my posting someway in the future 😉

And now I have a delicious apple crisp with chocolate ice cream and the 4th season of Sex and the City waing for me)))

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