I’ll tell you—writing instructions for five different knitting charts of about 30 rows each is not a walk in the park. It’s not rocket science either, of course, but checking and re-cheking it short circuits my mind just as well)

Nevertheless, the new pattern is here—Solar Storm Hat is its slightly poetic name. It is a challenge greater than the designing and writing processes put together—to come up with a name, that was never used before to describe a design in a humble Ravelry database of about 800,000 patterns. But I managed!)

Solar Storm is a worsted weight hat, featuring cables, slipped and twisted stitches and seed stitch sections to create a beautiful and eye-catching texture. It is designed to have little negative ease and to be a little slouchy.

It was actually planned to be a pattern from the very beginning: the sizes were calculated, the charts were schematically sketched back in 2015. I was really surprised to find something that well thought through in one of my knitting notebooks, so it got bumped ahead of the rest of the patterns I am currently working on.

The Solar Storm Hat pattern (all thir-teen pages of it!) is in English and provides instructions for making five sizes—for both adults and children, and two versions—with simple ribbed brim and with double folded ribbed brim for added warmth. I personally never made a double brimmed version of this design, but it should turn out as nicely as the original and would be your best friend in the upcoming winter months, if you live as far north as I am.

Click HERE for more information or to purchase a copy on Ravelry pattern page.