November 11, 2017

I’ll tell you—writing instructions for five different knitting charts of about 30 rows each is not a walk in the park. It’s not rocket science either, of course, but checking and re-cheking it short circuits my mind just as well)

Nevertheless, the new pattern is here—Solar Storm Hat is its slightly poetic name. It is a challenge greater than the designing and writing processes put together—to come up with a name, that was never used before to describe a design in a humble Ravelry database of about 800,000 patterns. But I managed!)

Solar Storm is a worsted weight hat, featuring cables, slipped and twisted stitches and seed stitch sections to create a beautiful and eye-catching texture. It is designed to have little negative ease and to be a little slouchy.

It was actually planned to be a pattern from the very beginning: the sizes were calculated, the charts were schematically sketched back in 2015. I was really surprised to find something that well thought through in one of my knitting notebooks, so it got bumped ahead of the rest of the patterns I am currently working on.

The Solar Storm Hat pattern (all thir-teen pages of it!) is in English and provides instructions for making five sizes—for both adults and children, and two versions—with simple ribbed brim and with double folded ribbed brim for added warmth. I personally never made a double brimmed version of this design, but it should turn out as nicely as the original and would be your best friend in the upcoming winter months, if you live as far north as I am.

Click HERE for more information or to purchase a copy on Ravelry pattern page.

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For the sake of history, lets pretend this blog is live)

Failed – lets face it as it is – attempt to destash the yarn. My only wish is for the weather to be stable enough throughout the day so we can actually wear sweaters. As of today the only time we wore these was when we took the pictures. Same goes for Echinoidea scarf – I’m wearing it at home just out of spite. It’s soft and comfortable, and I’m thinking of making a second one. And maybe a third.








January 12, 2017

Um… Felt like the time for an update over here)

Since I’m a college teacher, I have a few published works, including articles and study materials, so I’m not new to the idea of publishing. But today, less than 24 hours ago, I’ve published two altogether different items which maybe make me even more proud than all of my study materials – on second thought, I write really mean study guides, so maybe not – but for sure more proud than all of my ‘science indexed’ articles put together. For one, the pattern entries have been viewed 100 times more in their 24 hours than those articles have been in years – because who cares about color correction in a television system that is not even designed yet? Even I don’t!

But back to the point – I have finally published my first knitting patterns on Ravelry. I was thinking about it for the past year, and I finally designed an item that I couldn’t keep all to myself and I had to share it. This breakthrough item is just a scarf of a poetic name of Echinoidea – which is just a scientific name of a sea urchin (it gave me an idea for the name based on its texture in the first place) – and also has a pun intended if you speak Russian. I also wrote a second pattern so this one wouldn’t feel lonely.

Honestly, when I put those patterns out there at Ravelry last night, I didn’t expected any particular feedback. Few additions to favorites over the next week or so, like it usually happens with my original projects, but not much more. I was surprised – and a little suspicious – when the pattern was favorited about 10 times in the first half an hour while I set up a pattern store. I was startled – truly – when a couple of hours later I had both patterns purchased! And a couple of hours after that there were two more purchases made! Really, people, I’ve said it before, and I’m gonna say it again – you are incredible! You got me inspired and hopeful that the time and effort I put in those patterns won’t go unnoticed.

If you are interested in purchasing my patterns, head over to my Ravelry pattern store. The patterns will be available there exclusively. Take notice that all of my patterns are intended for personal use only. The entire contents of the patterns are subject to copyright, and you may not sell, distribute, or produce and sell items made from my patterns without direct written consent from me.

All of the patterns are in English exclusively. The part of my brain that knits just doesn’t speak Russian.

Echinoidea is a comfortable reversible scarf that can be buttoned up to be worn as a double cowl, or draped loosely around your shoulders.
Loreina is an oversized buttoned cable cowl that can be converted to a short scarf and wrapped tightly around your neck, or draped loosely around your shoulders as a soft warm wrap.

And if you don’t knit – head over to my online store where you can buy warm and stylish hand knitted accessories made from natural materials. I have a lot of items in stock and ready to ship!




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August 6, 2015

Tallulah Gorge point overlook at Georgia Power Plant, Clarkesville, GA.




























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August 1, 2015

We spent last Sunday afternoon walking (and flying) around Lake Russell. The highlight of that day was the aerial video of the lake shot from a Vortex quadcopter. The video can be found at the end of this post.















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